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Michael Heagney

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Michael Heagney's diverse entrepreneurial experience and management skills are the perfect fit for a rapidly changing real estate market. Assisting today’s client in making the most important financial decision of their life requires experience in the market, thinking outside the box, embracing technology and honing in and listening to a client's needs, goals and wants. As a self starter with an ability to wear many hats, his experience in overcoming the hurdles in a market place are second to none. Attributes you want on your side when serving on your behalf as a trusted advisor, skilled negotiator and expert facilitator.

After graduating from Illinois State University, Michael has been involved in many endeavors from elite sporting activities to co-founding a wireless technology company. These along with the many other endeavors in between compound to over 25 years of sales and marketing experience.

Living in the North Shore area for the past 30 years he knows and understands the area like the back of his hand. His knowledge and willingness to find the right home and the right fit for you are a passion. Buying and selling homes for his own personal endeavors have commonly put him on the other side. The personal commitment he has always required he also extends to you. Not all agents are alike - Mike will show you why.

In the community he has a strong passion for co-existing. Cars, cyclists and pedestrians all strive to get from point A to B. Being involved in many local cycling organizations, trail efforts and community organizations affords him the opportunity to be involved making a difference in sharing the road efforts.

I am confident that after you work with Michael you’ll see that his dedication is to you not the deal. His goal is to help you not just once, but whenever you need real estate assistance and to build a lifelong relationship based upon mutual trust and understanding.

“[In a home] You’re making an investment in what could be the most important asset you’ll ever have. The right moment is when you know where you’re going to live for a while, when you find the home that fits your family, and when it’s at level that fits in with your income and ability to make a down payment and then I would get a very long mortgage… 30-year mortgage and the rate will be fabulous, and there is no sense waiting if those conditions exist."

- Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.